Irwin Schiff B.S.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

"Schiff Pleads Insanity"
"For not paying Federal Income Tax"

Schiff admits he has been Wrong all along!

Schiff followers left out in the cold to fend for themselves!

On January 21st Irwin Schiff filed a brief claiming "Insanity" in his defense through his Attorney for failing to pay Federal Income Taxes.

The case is being litigated in the District Court of Nevada Civil Case CV-S-01-0895-PMP (LRL). The Federal government is seeking judgment to collect the Federal Income Tax in the amount of $2,276,244.78 for the years 1979-1985 Schiff has failed to pay in which he was convicted of in October of 1985 and Affirmed in December 1985.

In his brief Schiff claims that he suffers from a mental disease or defect and exhibits symptoms of chronic severe delusional disorder. He further contends through descriptions of his behavior through his doctor that he has chronic acute bipolar disorder, depression and a delusional personality disorder. He claims his distorted beliefs have grown out of stress from his business failures.

He claims that his delusional beliefs will continue unabated in the future along with a significant element of Paranoia. He further contends that his beliefs system in not under his voluntary control and he has little or no ability to alter his beliefs and additionally claims his behavior is not rational and unlikely to remit.

Along with his brief Schiff filed approximately 400 pages of exhibits to support his claim and plea of insanity including some of his own court quotes as:

"Noboby knows this except me, apparently, but I'm educating the public."

"That's all I have been doing all my life is litigating. One of these days I hope to get it right."

(He never has Emphasis mine)

Additionally filed within the 400 pages of exhibits to support his claim and plea of insanity were affidavits even one from one of his own attorneys stating:

"When confronted with contradictions in his conclusions, Schiff either ignores the challenge or moves on to new exhortations of what the law is and his omniscient 'expertise' on the meaning of income, taxable income, the court's applying the wrong standard, banking and/or money."

"Schiff's belief system appears to be completely circular: within that system Schiff is right, the government and the courts are wrong and he remains impervious to rational discussion."

"My attempts at rational discussions with Mr. Schiff have been more difficult than any"

"Stints of incarceration for years, IRS levies for hundres of thousands of dollars, substantial sanctions and fines imposed by (1) the Second Circuit for bringing frivolous appeals and (2) the United States Tax Court for presenting groundless and frivolous arguments demonstrate that Schiff's belief system is impervious to negative feed back. Schiff's expectation seems to be that someday the federal courts will experience an epiphany and acknowlege that he has been right all along."

"Based on all the foregoing and Occam's razor, I was forced to conclude that Mr. Schiff probably suffers from a severe delusional disorder or other mental disease or defect."

Schiff lastly stated through his Attorney in his conclusion of the 8 page brief that:

"Based on the prior incarcerations, sanctions, fines, reported decisions rejecting Schiff's theories, Schiff's Deposition Transcripts instanter, revocation of probate transcript, Declaration of William A. Cohan and attached psychological reports rendered by Dr. Ortega and Dr. Barry there exists a genuine dispute as to a material issue of fact precluding summary judgment: i.e., whether Mr. Schiff suffers from a mental disease or defect relevant to the issue of 'willfulness' and/or guilt and/or his liability vel non for civil fraud penalties."

You can read the full brief here.

Irwin Schiff Self-Proclaimed himself to be the Nations leading authority on the "income tax". Does that make him so? NO! He now claims Insanity!

Schiff claims to have written and self-published more books on the "income tax" then any other author. This may be so. Does this make him an expert? NO! He now claims those books were written from being mentally diseased with a delusional personality disorder.

Does his books mean his theories were sound and based on logic and solid evidence? NO! He now claims Insanity in regards to his beliefs!

I am not a doctor nor have I ever gone to medical school. So if I proclaim to be the Nations leading authority on heart surgery does that make me so? NO! I can write 10 books on heart surgery. Does that make me an expert? NO! Would you want me operating on you? I bet the answer is NO!!!!!

You must never take some Self-Proclaimed Guru's word for anything. You must always look at the "Evidence" yourself for what it is, not for what you want it to be or some Guru says it is. You must always read Court decisions i.e. "case law" yourself for what they say and refer to, not for what you want them to say and mean or some Guru says they mean.

As you can see the Guru will always leave you out in the cold to fend for yourself while they cop a plea to save themselves no matter what harm it does to those who rely on him!